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To achieve its goal of generating additional 35 gigawatt of power, Indonesia will need more power plant investment. But besides some budget to start the project, Indonesia also needs to think about alternative energies to fire its new power plants.


Indonesia uses coal or gas to power most of its power plants. Even though Indonesia is rich of those two resources, the environmental impact of using coal to fire the power plant can be really harmful. This is why Indonesia has started to incorporate renewable energy resources to power its electricity infrastructures such as solar and hydro power. Even though the reach and power scale is relatively small, it really helps in preventing the country from energy crisis as well as reducing the environmental harm that the development might bring.


Thankfully, the government of Indonesia has realized the importance of incorporating new energy resources that are safer to the environment. This is why Indonesia recently approved plans to build large scale tidal power plant. This is a very good decision because as a maritime country, Indonesia is graced with strong ocean currents which make this country a very perfect location for tidal power plant.


This electricity infrastructure project that is called Palmerah Tidal Bridge will be built in the island of Flores. If the plan works perfectly, this power plant will be able to generate a power capacity of 18 to 23 megawatts, ensuring enough electricity for at least 100,000 people in Flores. After this, the second phase of construction has also been planned and it will increase the capacity even more, from 90 to 115 MW.


Tidal power is not 100% environmentally friendly, though. The development actually can put marine biodiversity in danger. However, if the construction is done properly, the harm can be reduced. Furthermore, once the construction is finished, the power plant will not produce too much pollutions like coal-fired power plant.



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